Self Service Password Reset

Cardiff and Vale College have now introduced a system that allows you to remotely reset your password if you forget it.  This new system will also allow you to activate your CAVC user account so you can start to use your account externally to access Moodle, Email and Ebooks, even if you haven't logged in to a College computer.  This system can be used by all CAVC users - learners and staff!

What is Password Self Service?

Password Self Service is a new web based tool that allows you to manage your own password.  This includes:

  • Resetting expired passwords
  • Changing forgotten passwords
  • Activating new accounts
  • Viewing account information

Awesome, but is it available from home?

Yes!  Anywhere with an internet connection!  This means that you can reset your password at home, on the bus and on the beach, as well as in College.

What! So what do I need to do?

Simple – set up your password responses, then sit back and do nothing – obviously until you forget your password or it expires (which, don’t forget, happens every 100 days for learners).

A full guide is available to download by clicking here.

So what passwords does this reset?

Because they are all the same, Password Self Service will reset the password you use to log in to:

  • College computers
  • Moodle
  • Email
  • Ebooks

Remember - a guide is available to download here!

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 2:38 PM