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Saffron Vanderkolk-Pellow Manifesto – Active Wellbeing SAB

In today’s world mental health is no longer regarded as a taboo topic, conversations about it are encouraged and your mental health is seen as just as important as your physical, yet young people still aren’t accessing the help they deserve. Since the start of the pandemic there has been a 35% rise in mental health problems in young people. Your Active Wellbeing Officer should be someone who wants to combat this, someone with a background in mental health training, someone who wants change.  I’m this person.


If I were to be your Active Wellbeing Officer, then I would want to create safe spaces where students can come together to talk about their issues.

I would have a monthly “Pop the Kettle on” where students can drop in have a cuppa and talk about issues.

Quarterly I would arrange an event to promote different aspects of Wellbeing.


The college already has some great to resources but accessing them isn’t always the easiest, I want to revolutionise this. I want to be here for all - from the people who are having a bad day to the people whose depression is so severe they struggle to get out of bed. I understand how the education system works and I understand how the mental health system works, I also understand that the two don’t always combine! I want to be the bridge that brings them together.          



Jonathan Williams Manifesto – Active Wellbeing SAB

With the current Pandemic and the recent effects of Covid-19, both new and returning students have experienced uncertainty and anxiety throughout this academic year. As lockdown restrictions currently relax and we overcome the recent challenges, many students will still have feelings of worry and doubt. I am running for Sabbatical Officer of Active Wellbeing this year, to ensure that these doubts and worries are heard. My aim is to ensure an accessible open-door policy both online and on campus, for students to be able to voice all their challenges and concerns. I aim to support each student with these challenges, to ensure each student can achieve their individual goals and enjoy the learning experience. I will promote wellbeing and provide information to help motivate and inspire and will ensure that all information is accessible to each student. I will organize interactive events and campaigns for students to feel socially connected again and have fun! I will work with the college to promote its values of diversity and equality, and to create awareness of both physical and mental health; so that each student can feel welcome and feel at ease while on campus. In my role I will aim to support each student in any way that I can, and to the best of my abilities; Most importantly to be a voice that represents you, to make sure that you have an amazing experience at Cardiff and Vale college.




Voting closes 28th May at midday!

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